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Baby Ducks - That Quail PlaceRaising Gamebirds

Raising game birds, including quail, can be a very rewarding past time.  We have included some information that you will find helpful when attempting to raise game birds yourself.

Listed below are pages that we have created and a brief description of each section's contents.

Breeding Gamebirds

This section provides valuable information about what is necessary to successfully propagate quail and other gamebirds.  The section discusses colony breeding, individual cage method breeding, as well as, selection of breeders.

Incubating Eggs

This section discusses different varieties of game bird incubators available, incubation period for game birds and qualities necessary for hatching healthy chicks.

Brooding Chicks

Mastering the art of incubation is just the beginning of the game birds experience. This section discusses brooder methods and simple requirements for healthy game birds.


Bobwhite Quail Breeding Trio
Bobwhite Quail breeding trio


Pheasant Chicks
Pheasant chicks

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