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 Sexing All Fowl, Baby Chicks, Game Birds, Cage Birds
by Loyl Stromberg

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89 pp. B&W photos and drawings. Paperback. 1977. Revised 1999. 

This has long been considered the most helpful handbook ever published on determining the sex of many species of fowl and cage birds. A worthwhile addition to the library of any beginning to expert breeder

Excerpt from book......

With no book heretofore printed with any degree of information on determining the sex of many birds and fowls - the need was very obvious.  Too many fanciers have been frustrated in their breeding efforts, some not being sure if their stock were truly mated pairs.  This book was only make possible through granted permission to use researched information through the diligent research of dedicated breeders to whom we will give credit in the book. Through liberal use of pictures and illustrations we have strived to make this a most educational helpful book.

....In searching for information for this book we sought help from the Library of Congress who some years previous had extended considerable help in supplying photo copies of information on Swans for our Swan Breeding & Management Bulletin.  This time when we contacted them they referred us to the National Agricultural Library at Beltesville, Maryland.  In response to our letter asking help with information on Sexing various species of fowl they sent us a computer list of over 70 articles relating to sex determination.  Much to our amusement and surprise included were research bulletins on determining sex of: Wale, Fish, Insects, Rabbits, Pine Seeds :>

There was a charge for these photo copied bulletins, articles or chapters from books.  This we gladly paid for and has aided considerably in the preparation of this book.


  • Sexing Baby Chicks

  • Sight Sexed Baby Chicks

  • Crossing for Wing Sexing

  • Micro-sexing

  • Determining Sex of Ducks, Geese and Swans

  • Sexing Wild Waterfowl

  • Vent Sexing Guineas

  • Sexing Day Old Ringneck Pheasants

  • Determining Sex in Coturnix Quail

  • Dertermining Sex of Mountain Quail

  • Determining  Sex of Chukar Partridge

  • Methods of Sexing Eared Pheasants

  • Determining Sex of Ruffed Grouse

  • Sexing Parrots, Canaries, Woodcocks, Wattles, Pigeons, Finches, Cockatiels, Caged birds, Pea Fowl.

  • Sexing Ostrich, Rhea.

  • Much, Much, More

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