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Title: Purchasing Quail ?...
Post by: kmk75 on September 01, 2009, 08:22:34 AM
I live in NY and have all my permits in place (preserve and breeders) for my 15 acre shooting preserve about 4 hours away from my current residence.  I am going to be running a very small family hunting and dog training preserve.  I am looking for about 45 quail for now.  Maybe more for the future years to come (maybe pheasant or chukars) depending on how the planting, hunting and dog training goes. 

I don't have the space at my current residence to be building a flight pen and it seems as if the 12 quail I have now in a 3'x3'x8' pen for the past 3 months forgot how to fly.  So they don't seem like they will work for the hunting part only for the dog training to some extent.

My question is....
Is it normal practice to buy birds upfront and I could arrrange a few pickups throught the season?

Thanks...I am also going to post this in the suppliers and general sections because I am not sure this is where it belongs.
Title: Re: Purchasing Quail ?...
Post by: greyghost on September 01, 2009, 08:01:08 PM
Hi kmk75, buying birds up front has happened, but not often. You own those birds at the time of sale, but you could pay the farmer to hold and feed them. I am sure you could  arrange that without too much trouble.  Also, your Quail still know how to fly but do not have the room. It is like having a speeed boat in a pool. Also, let us know where you live so close members can help. Best of luck. Ghost.
Title: Re: Purchasing Quail ?...
Post by: kmk75 on September 01, 2009, 08:36:24 PM
I live on the east end of Long Island but have a place up in Deleware County.  It's good to know that my birds hopefully will fly.  I tied a  3' string around the leg of one and put a small counter weight on the other end just so I wouldn't lose him.  I let him loose on my grass and all he wanted to do was run (walk really).  I even picked him up and threw him in the air.  Straight to the ground he went.  I am guessing he may have been too stressed or maybe real smart and was waiting for me to take the string off so he could fly away!  I will see how well they do when I go to release and plant them for some dog training this weekend. 

I would still assume that if I bought from a breeder that has flight pens that they would still be much better fliers than mine, correct? 
Title: Re: Purchasing Quail ?...
Post by: fstxrico on September 03, 2009, 07:24:55 PM
Where in Delaware county. I'm not asking for driving directions, but I'm in Chenango county (Bainbridge) and form time to time may have a few birds to spare. Also, I'll have to find his number if you want, but in Stamford Foote Hollow Pheasants, guy's name is John and he has pheasants quail and huns. don't ask for chukar from him, he hates them with a passion. Drop me a line if you need any more info or help, and I'll do what I can.

Oh buy the way "KMK 75"? You a crane guy?
Title: Re: Purchasing Quail ?...
Post by: kmk75 on September 05, 2009, 11:00:04 PM
Thanks for the info.  Our place is in Roxbury.   I saw an add in the local paper for Foote Hollow Pheasants and dropped them a call.  The woman I spoke with said no problem picking up a dozen or so birds with a couple of days notice.  So it looks like I may do that from here on out. 

I will post a new thread with an update on my first training weekend with live bird because I have a few questions for everyone.

Thanks again...
Title: Re: Purchasing Quail ?...
Post by: fstxrico on September 08, 2009, 06:00:49 AM
Great. Glad I could help, and to be right there in Roxbury makes them close.