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Title: Quail Food Plots
Post by: J-Bird on February 17, 2014, 09:06:53 AM
To start I am from Kansas and I have a pond that is fenced off and I would like to plant some good quail habitat to keep the quail on my place when I release them out of my surrogator.  I was going to till up some strips and plant Milo and just let it go to seed and if I needed to I would beat the heads so all the seed would fall to the ground.  I was going to let stand to give the quail cover and also be easy for my dog to work them.  My question is has anyone used the Pheasant Forever/Quail Forever seed for food plots?  I am looking at the blizzard buster mix and/or the covey rise mix.  My thinking is plant a few rows of Milo and then broadcast the food plot mix beside the Milo to give them food and cover next to a good water supply.  I am curious if anyone has
1) tried the food plot mixes or any other food plot seed such as Milo or millet?
2) did you have any luck keeping quail close?

Any and all experience would be greatly appreciated. 
Title: Re: Quail Food Plots
Post by: galaxie428 on March 02, 2014, 06:54:04 PM
What kind of cover do you have around your pond? If it is just fescue, the quail will likely not stay around it much. The full grown birds can navigate through it but little ones can't. I would recommend planting what you can in warm season grasses and then add your strips of food plots in. My quail forever group buys seed from a place in KS I think that has a mix of grasses and forbes. I can get that info for you if you are interested.

I have not tried the blizzard buster but we actually thought we would try it this year. Quail like soy bean also but they probably don't provide much cover.