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Title: More questions from a Novice
Post by: Lisa on May 03, 2004, 02:55:03 PM
Hi again!  I’m the one who’s boss in Malibu is considering purchasing some peacocks for her 6.5 acre property.  She has some more questions, so I’m hoping all you experts (and even those who aren’t!) can help me!  Thanks so much in advance!

1.    Someone recommended getting 3-5 (as opposed to the original “2” I mentioned in my first email).  Can anyone tell me why this is a good quantity?  And how many males vs females?  Will “breeding” be an issue (she has NO desire to breed).

2.   Are there any types of trees that are preferred by peacocks?  She is still landscaping a lot of her property so she may be able to plant some specfics that anyone mentions (except Malibu has a lot of restrictions on what can and cannot be planted on your property, so several suggestions would be great.)

3.   Her property is fenced in, but does she need to be worried about them flying/jumping over the fence and wandering into other people’s yards and/or the highway down below?  In other words, how high can they really fly/jump?

4.   Given the size of her property (6.5 acres), should their pen be near the house, as far away as possible?  What do they prefer and/or what would you recommend?

5.   She does have a garden.  How tall of a chicken wire fence do you think she needs to keep them out (and will hardwire cloth/chicken wire be enough or do you recommend something else?  She also has 3’ – 4’ tall fruit trees, do these need t be protected as well?

6.   She’d like the peafowl to roam free on the property as much as possible.  Does she need to lock them in a coop every night?

7.   What materials should be used for the coop?  Wood and chicken wire?  Should it include a private and/or dark space for privacy?  Can she landscape around it to camouflage the pen? If so, what plants/flowers/shrubbery can she use that the peafowl won’t destroy?  Maybe bougainvilla?

Thank you all so much….sorry for the long list, but we are both complete novices at this!