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Title: Planting for a Hunting Preserve
Post by: Dave on April 14, 2008, 12:24:46 AM
Greetings All,

I have a 75 acre farm that consists of 55 acres tillable, 20 acres wetlands/creek.  I have put 1.25 acres into open water (in my state - WI - you can't put in a pond without the pope giving you his blessing - did I say pope?  I meant the DNR!  But what you can put in are areas called - scrapes - 4' or less deep so that they freeze during the winter thereby killing off all the invasive fish that one has put in one's ponds - but I digress).

I'm trying to determine the proper mix of nesting/brood cover to food mix to put in.  Is there a formula?  I've reached out to Quail Unlimited and have gotten a response of 25% grain, 15% woody cover (my creek area?), 20% annual weeds, 40% in permanent vegative cover.  This being a ball-park estimate.

For those of you that have reverted a farm and had success with establishing a quail population, does this sound right?

Thanks for your thoughts, suggestions.