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Title: Hello from Cordele Georgia
Post by: Quailified on September 06, 2010, 08:14:13 PM
 s144 Hello to all. I just found this forum, and am hoping to hook up here with other quail breeders in Georgia. At this time I only have 3 birds. 2 Jumbo Coturnix, male and female , and 1 bobwhite female chick. I am expecting some Georgia Giant Bobwhite hatching eggs in the next few days. I had no idea when getting into this that there were so many Georgia State Regulations concerning poultry raising and selling, and the hatching and selling of bobwhite quail. I found that in order to sell bobwhite eggs or chicks i will have to have a Georgia breeders licence, costing $30 per year, and i will have to have my birds randomly inspected. I will also need to join NPIP, which i have no idea how much that will cost me-------geeee !! hlp2 Are there any Georgia gamebird owners in here who can walk me thru all the fees and licensing i will need ?? Not to mention i will need coops, cages, etc. I can use all the help i can get from all of you !!! ty2