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Title: Old New Member from SE Ohio
Post by: harleytoo on February 10, 2010, 08:24:36 PM

Hello Members ! I'm back after a very long break. Several years ago I was a Member under another name, Muttsburg, but when my computer crashed and I replaced it I lost my login info, then changed ISP provider and could not login to retrieve my password because I lost my old email address. Since I was not active in birds for a long time I was not too worried about it but have decided it was time to get back into the loop.

Glad to see so many new and old names, I'm especially glad to see that this very special resource is still here and active.

I will be looking to buy eggs or chicks this spring. Only bobwhite quail and pheasant for release at my place. I really don't want shipped stock, I would like to find a place within 2 hour drive so I can pick them up myself. I have had terrible luck with shipped eggs getting shook and dead chicks.  I am in Monroe County Ohio so if you are going to have eggs or chicks this year and are in the neighborhood please let me know.

Hope everyone is staying warm and well.

Thanks again for still being here, Norma  c109 <Harley