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Title: Using the Buy and Sell Board: Please Read!
Post by: RedOakGamebirds on October 08, 2006, 07:13:11 PM
The Buy and Sell Board can be used for buying and selling your eggs, birds, items, etc.  as well as want ad's.  Feel free to use this board for all your gamebird related needs.  We encourage you to use our Auctions site for all your transactions as there is no recourse of action within this board alone.

That Quail Place or any of its subsidiaries hereby publicly waive any responsibility for transactions made in this section by our members.  Use of this section is the responsibility of each member individually and we will not be responsible for any fraudulant claims on items within this section.  (You) are responsible for checking all applicable laws for your state prior to making your purchase.

When selling an item using the Buy and Sell Board please be sure to include your item description and your location.  If you are selling eggs be sure to list any certification such as NPIP if you have it.  This will help potential buyers conform with their state guidelines for purchasing eggs or birds.  Thanks