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Title: Newbie (Hopefully)
Post by: coopers birds on May 13, 2014, 02:48:11 PM
 s144Hello all. My name is Curt and I am new to this site, and frankly to raising game birds. My wife and I are thinking of starting a new business in Northern or North-Central California.While I have hunted game birds and other animals my whole life, I have no experience in raising the birds. we are thinking we would like raise Quail, Chukar, and Pheasant, or some combination there of.  We have been reading just about everything we can find on the subject and currently working on a "business plan" to determine if it is possible to get a place up running without too much money up front and if the business could sustain income enough for us. Any advice or encouraging facts any of you could give would be greatly appreciated.
 I guess my first types of questions would be:
1. How big is the market for these birds and/or how do I find what that market really is?
2. How many batches of these birds can be reasonably produced in a year, and what are the best seasons?
3. What kind of prices should you expect for these birds when selling them, and is the price fairly consistent throughout the year?

Actually, I probably have a 1000 more questions, but this getting pretty long already, lol. Any information or advice that any of  you could pass along would great!! Thanks in advance for any and ll help!!

San Jose, CA