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Title: Egg Eating
Post by: Sonia on April 20, 2010, 09:38:56 AM
 :sad:I do hope I am not repeating a question here. Search did not reveal one so here goes.

Kept wondering why my quail were not laying and then found one eating an egg.  Today have found evidence of egg yolk.   

Has anybody any help and advice to offer as to how I can stop this?


Title: Re: Egg Eating
Post by: CharlieHorse on April 20, 2010, 10:04:01 AM

What kind of quail?

First eggs may not have a shell or a thin shell that broke/breaks easy, therefore inticing them to eat them?  Once they get a taste, they may continue to eat them even if the shell is normal, in which could be a hard habit to break.     :-|

...........or they are just plain malnourished?    thk1

   gi8   Fake eggs (painted stones, etc.) can be placed in nest area (if they have one, some will lay everywhere, depending on environment), this can discourage them from eating the real ones when it becomes futile to try to eat the fake ones.

Title: Re: Egg Eating
Post by: Sonia on April 20, 2010, 10:35:52 AM
The one I saw eating an egg was a Japanese quail, also have some Chinese painted.  Will try putting some stones in.

Malnourished, I sincerely hope note.  Each morning I put slices of cucumber, peas and sweetcorn out for them.  They live in the bottom of the aviary and each morning the aviary birds are given mixed fruit and vegetables some of which drop on the floor.  They are all given lettuce which I know doesn'thave a lot of goodness but they seem to enjoy.  Late afternoon the quail are given flaked maze and corn also a millet spray and some meal worms.  Obviously, they always have access to water and seed.  I also grow cress for them which they get about every week.  Am I going wrong somewhere here?  Do hope not.

Thanks for any help.


Title: Re: Egg Eating
Post by: slider on April 20, 2010, 07:24:11 PM
Ok you are making this way to hard. I see that you live on the other side of the pond and I know that you folks keep quail as pets over there and that is fine. If you are wanting eggs then you are going to have to get them some gamebird breeding crumbles or small chicken laying pellets with the protine 18 to 20% and make it available at all times and you can give them a few greens now and then. Your birds are wanting calcium because there body need plenty of it to produce healthy eggs and they need protine around 18% in order to produce eggs on a regular basic.
Title: Re: Egg Eating
Post by: Sonia on April 21, 2010, 04:21:19 AM
Thanks for more info.  I suddenly thought of chicken layers last night so put some in this morning.  Will try giving some spring greens later, my chickens like them, so fingers crossed.

Again  ty2

My quail are kept as "vacuum cleaners" for the aviary floor - don't really think it works as they seem to spread more about than eating up!  Still, when they do lay the eggs are great particularly if you want to be "posh" on a picnic or impress dinner party guests as they are very expensive here.