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Title: Strickland Game birds
Post by: Blade on June 14, 2004, 11:48:52 AM
I ordered 500 quail eggs from Strickland Game birds this past month.  I asked for 250 Bob white and 250 Cortunix.  I received 275 each all unbroken.  I accidently broke 4 Cortunix and 1 Bob white before I got em in the incubator.  They were not wasted I boiled them and ate them my first ever.
The point of this is to say of the Cortunix eggs hatched Sunday.  I would have been happy with 80%.  I got 264 out of 271 WOW.  Good fertile eggs to say the least.  I will post again in a few days on the Bob Whites.  The price was good, service was good, and the hatch rate was amost perfect. 97.4%

If the Bob whites do as well I will be more than pleased. :lol:
North Carolina
Title: Bob Whites have hatched
Post by: Blade on June 20, 2004, 08:18:36 PM
I received 275 BW eggs from Strickland at the same time as the cortunix.  The BW have hatched out.  I have 247 BW quail out of 274 ( I broke one).  Pretty good for mail order.  I would recommend them for the packaging and fertility as well as price.

Hope this helps someone else. :D

North Carolina.
Title: Strickland Game birds
Post by: County Line Gamebird Farm on June 21, 2004, 11:45:17 AM
I have also bought bobwhite eggs from Sticklands.  I buy them 1000 or 2000 at the time, buying several thousand each year.  I have had what I've considered good hatch rates each time.  And the packaging that they do can't be beat.