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Gamebird Pen Construction

The staff at That Quail Place receives a lot of questions about gamebird pen construction.  There are many different ways to construct a pen or cage used to house pheasant, quail, partridge and other gamebirds.

On this page we are going to walk you through the construction of a pen.  Although the cage is relatively small in size, we can show you all of the details that go into building a pen. 

A parts list is shown at the bottom.

Gamebird Pen Location
The cage will be 6ft wide x 18ft long x 6ft high
1. The first step of building a pen is selecting the appropriate location.  Be sure to build your cages in an area that is acceptable to neighbors and protected from predators, such as dogs and cats.  Believe it or not, these are the two most deadly enemies to your caged friends.

Cement footings
2. Cement footings (1ft x 1ft) are used to support 4x4 posts.

Simply dig a hole and place the footing in. The footings should be level with the ground.

3.  A simple frame is constructed using 2x4's and 4x4 posts. The cage dimensions are 6Wx18Lx6H.  

4. 2x4's were attached to the building. This prevented the need for additional 4x4's.  Enough support was used to ensure snow wouldn't damage the cage.  

Adding chicken wire
5.  After completion of the framing. Chicken wire, sometimes called hardware cloth, is added to all sides. During this project 1"x1" chicken wire was used. It is advisable to bury this in the ground around the edges if you are worried about predators digging into the cage.  

6.  The door was constructed of 2x3 boards. A lock was placed on the door to prevent human predators from entering.  

Completed Cage
7.  This is the end product. The cost to build was around $150.00.  


Chicken wire: 150 foot roll $35.00/roll
Stud brackets: 40 18 cents/each
U shaped staples: 1 box $2.00
Hog Rings: 1lb $2.25
2 1/2" screws: 2 lbs $4.00/lb
Cement footings: 3 $4.50/each
Nails: 1 lb $2.50
Hinges: 2 $1.00/each
Lock: 1 $4.00
Materials List:  There are a lot of variations that one could use to build a cage. This list is just the materials we needed
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