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feed recipe for quail

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feed recipe for quail

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Does anybody have or know where I can find a recipe for making our own feed, such has how much corn ect. and what all needs to go into it.

Thanks :lol:

I've seen a few pdf's online that describe what is believed to be the necessary nutrients for quail.  Google search for them if you're really interested.   If none have a specific 'recipe', you'll then need to sort out what levels of nutrients the common grains have, and try to match it.

You'll likely have to end up using some sort of alfalfa meal or soybean meal or something to get the protein levels you need.

But the truth is that it is very likely to be cheaper and much, much simpler to purchase a ready made game bird or turkey feed for your birds than to muck about trying to make your own.

Best of luck,

Potshooter, I emailed you with our recipe  :D contains everything the birds need.

Casnyder, I am sorry to argue with you but it is much cheaper to mix our own food than to buy the ready mixed kind. We will use the Purenia Layena for Game Birds for breeding times and the Starter grower for the chicks but the birds are bigger and the feathers healthier with the mixture we have. Mixing our own has saved us about 150.00 per month in feed costs also it lasts longer because you are buying more for less money so the fuel cost to go to town to get feed is reduced also. ( I will tell you tho grain price is market driven but still for 200 pounds of feed we are spending at the most 20 dollars and it lasts longer, in fact we have not spent over 17 dollars, last purchase)  :D The last batch of birds that I butchered were no less than 6 oz with the largest bird being 11 oz. we were not getting that kind of weight with the flight conditioner or maintenance feed, also the waste is much less and we can customize the feed to what the birds are needing right now, for example, when it is hot they do not want cracked corn, creates heat, but lately they have been eating less wheat, so we can tailor the feed to what they need, thereby creating less waste.

I am a full time student (job sent overseas)   :x   and my husband (union carpenter) is laid off right now until they get the job ready for them, and unemployment only goes so far so saving money anywhere we can is a big issue, also I hate waste, the worse thing is to pour feed out that the birds are not using. Anyway...hope I have not offended anyone, but this works for us.
Have a great day Lori  :D

Don't be sorry.  I'm willing to be educated.  You weren't arguing with me anyway. merely offering a different point of view.

I've never had that many animals to go through that amount of feed.  I'd be curious to hear more details of how you do it.


Fivehollers, I wouldn't mind having your recipe if possible....any money that I can save these days is worth could really help out in the ol' gas tank!!   Thanks !!!


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