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Dickey Incubators?

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Anyone have any feedback on the Dickey Incubators? I found an incubator and a hatcher at $350.00 for both. SO I will end up getting them.. Was simply hoping to get some feedback on whether I should try to resale them or something to watch for on them..  This is my first big step into my quail dreams, so wish me luck if I made a bad purchase or an ada boy for finding a deal..

They are both said to work with the turner set up for ostrich eggs in the hatcher.. I figured I could find the trays to fit my quail aspirations. Not sure about anything I may need to change for the accompanying hatcher.



Ernest Dickey is a great guy and I've been buying and using his incubators for years.  If you found those both for $350 then you a heck of a deal.  You can always equip them with electronic thermostats if they dont already have them.  To my knowledge he is the only one making wood cabinet incubators on that scale.  GQF changed all their cabinet models to plastic.

A couple of years ago I came across a GQF Incubator and a GQF hatcher like those in like new condition for $100.00 for the pair..I am still using them they do really good with a accurate thermometer.

I got them.. They are older than I understood but seem to be in decent shape.. Pre-Electronic monitors. The heating element on the hatcher is broken and will need to be replaced. I am about to email the maker and see if I can get a schematic on them.. I assume I get to the working parts of the motors and fans by removing the back panel. Will post some pictures when I get home in a few days if your interested. Will find a more appropriate category to place them..


All of the electronics can be accessed by removing the TOP panel. I've been using Dickey incubators for 10+ years and cannot say anything bad about them. Good find by the way  th3



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