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Ruffed Grouse Eggs

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Ruffed Grouse eggs for sale. $30.00 each, Min. order 6 plus shipping costs.
Unrelated bloodlines, I have 17 pair to take eggs from. Eggs will be ready to ship in mid to late April. Fertility will be checked. No guarantees on hatch % due incubation and shipping issues out of my control.  E-mail for breeder bird pictures or questions.
Thanks Scott

Hey SDS, are you at all surprised that you have had no responses at $30 per egg? Seriously hatching eggs are a crap-shoot at best, rolling the dice at $30 each, well you had better have a real good chance of getting a bird out of this. Ghost.
P.S. This is probably the only response you will get.

  agd2 b3 ty2 Jim

These birds only lay 12-14 eggs per hen per season. Pairs sell for $250.00. I get an average of 10 birds out of a dozen eggs. I have sold far more grouse eggs than I intended and I am almost sold out for this season at that price. So not everyone thinks its a bad deal.

I never said it was a bad deal. If a person wants something bad enough they will pay for it. That is great that you are selling eggs for $30 each. Muted Swan mated pairs are $850 in the Strombergs catalog, but I'll be damned if I will pay that. Anyway, good luck. Ghost.


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