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britt hunter:
I am new to training dogs and using birds.  I have 20 bobwhite quail i am raising they are 7 weeks old when is the best time of year to release? and how many do i leave in the call back pen to call them back?

i have customers here that release bw's a early as 5-weeks but i think you will be alright until they are 14-weeks.  they seem to take to the wild reallly well.  just dont release last year hatch thinking they will broad little one's they willbe bobcat  and coon food.   im here in kasas so im sure it might be different in your state. good luck

britt hunter:
I am new to this I want the birds to come back so I can reuse them over and over. I need to know how many birds do I keep in the call back pen to call them back aswell as when do i start training the birds to do this before i let my dogs find them?

Britt Hunter
All you need in the call back pen is 1 but you can have 1/2 of them or so in
there...You can get the Total Recall from covey base camp and do not need
to keep any quail the recall pen.... As far as when to let them go I start at 8 weeks. dont know if this is wright or not but I think it works fine........  

britt hunter:
What I have read it says to leave a call bird in the "call back pen" what is a call back bird? is it male or female? how can I tell sex apart?


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