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Eating Habits of Quail?

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Eating Habits of Quail?


A buddy of mine had about 15 Bobwhites and pharoah in a little box in his garage.  They were peckin' the crap out of each other, and VERY small and skinny.  Now, i am not really ready for quail yet, still building my stuff.  I have a brooder built already, and had 8 pharoahs in it to use as a test for my hot wire, ect.  But, i could not just let these birds die.  He said he had about 25, but he would find some dead ones every morning.  I asked him what he wanted for them, he told me i could have them, so i took them.

I got them yesterday.  I stopped and got some extra quail waterers (mason jar type), and feeders (mason jar type).  I put them in the brooder and filled all there stuff up.  (1 water, 2 feed)  I stopped and got a 50# bag of grow feed (FMC, I think, will have to check.)  I worked on my flight pen and other stuff for about 3 hours, and checked on the birds.  They had drank the whole jar of water, and 1/2 of both jars of feed.  I filled them back up, and just checked this morning, and they bottomed all of them out.  All the water and feed.

Will quail just keep eating as long as there is food?  Or will they stop when they get full?

Also, what can i do to "fatten" these birds up and get them healthy again?  I checked them all out, and most of there problems are feathers gone from pecking.  No blood, or meat showing. 

I know that i am not supposed to mix birds, but i had no choice.  They were gonna die if i did not take them.  When i put the birds in the brooder with the ones that i had, they did not get along that much at first.  But this morning, all was ok.  they were all fluffed up, and sitting around and in little groups.

I was really not ready for birds, but i could not help it.  I guess i am a big nancy when i see animals in bad health.  This is why i can not go to the humane society.  I have to send an employee when there computer's mess up.  Otherwise, i would be bringing all kinds of dogs and cats home.   s47

I have to go to update a server, so it might be a while before i can post back, but i will!!


One thing that you never do with quail is let them run out of feed or water. They will start on each other. Just keep the feed and water in front of them and they should be fine. If they are pecking each other snip the end of the top bill off with a pair of nail clippers...just the very end do not draw any blood..put some electrolites in there drinking water for a few days, it sounds like they have been under alto of stress..good luck..


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