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Incubator Sugestions.

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Incubator Sugestions.

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I'm looking to buy a new incubator so I can keep up with the demand for day old chicks. I was wondering if anybody would have any suggestions as to a company or brand of incubator I should consider. I am looking for a fairly large incubator, will need to hold a minimum of 4000+ quail eggs. Thanks for the help.

They won't be cheap, unless you get really lucky on a used one, but Kuhl makes a couple in that size range.  Natureform NOM 45, I believe, is about that size.  Someone here probably has one, and can tell you.  As I was writing this, I got a flash from somewhere that the NOM 45 capacity is less than 4000 Quail, so verify before you take the plunge.

  I use Pureflo 70-I incubators, and they are pretty good, but out of business, and when the electronics goes, you have to improvise.  Also, they are Ratite incubators, and maintaining humidity, if you don't have a separate hatcher, can be a challenge.  I have 3000 Chukar eggs in one, now, and that is capacity.  Quail would be 2-3 times that, I have never hatched more than 2500 at a time, but they really looked lonely in there.

Bird Brained:
I have a few Natureform Nom 45's.  They will hold over 5,000 quail eggs, even with the smaller rack system some of them came with.  If you get one that has the larger rack, you can do even better with those numbers.

The Nom45's were originally sold for ostrich, which is only the egg holding trays that go into the racks that make them for such.  There's been such a following with people converting them for poultry and gamebirds that Natureform makes conversion egg flat holders that fit right onto the existing racks and hold the plastic egg flats or you can make your own trays to fit the racks.

Holds temp really well (+/-1*F), automatic humidity system is great and I'm getting great hatch rates....which is the main thing.  Also, they run on 110Vac and not 220.

They are a good incubator, I'd recommend them.  Plus, the company is still in business and you can buy any part you need for it still.

There are bigger Natureform units out there than the Nom45.  I just happen to stumble upon the 45's I have for a good price and couldn't pass them up.

I have started out small with a Little Giant Incubator and would like to move up a step, to something in the 200-300 egg range and having limited funds is a factor as well.


MtBullion Gamebirds:
Hey birdbrained, do you know what the cost of one of those is?


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