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Quail pens???


Bobwhite quail24:
I am interested in starting a small bobwhite quail flock and would like to know how many sq feet does on quail require, how tall does a flight pen or a pen period have to be? Which is better a Colony breeding cage or a Trio breeding cage? Also does anyone have plans for quail cages? I am planning if I can build a flight pen (need dads permission first) to make it at least a standard 55 gal barral high.

I try to give my quail as much space as possible and my flight pen is about 7 feet high so they can fly and stretch their wings.  I do both types of breeding and the fertility is about the same. Good Luck.

You should make your flight pen at least 6 ft high so you can easily walk down through it.  Put an 8 - 10ft 2x4 in the center of the pen to raise the netting up. As for space requirement, you need AT LEAST 1 sq/ft/bird, and if you're planning on raising flight ready birds, then AT LEAST 2 sq/ft/bird.

I colony breed in a 8x8 by 6 and a half foot high house with a 8x24 foot long fight pen , 6 foot high. They do great. As for the ones I plan to sell, the house are 6 and a half foot high by 8 by different withs, with 30 foot flight pens. They can fly outside of the pen just as good as the wild ones and these are wis. bobwhites. But I try to keep the footage to 1 to 1and a half foot per bird.


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