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Title: Land Management for put and take, dog training
Post by: mattyg06 on April 28, 2014, 03:18:28 PM
I have access to 75 acres here in Cisco, Texas ,that my in-laws own. We have use it as a rec hunting get away it to hunt deer, turkey, dove, hog, whatever comes along (javalina, fallow, red stag). They have allowed me to modify reasonably to best suite my dog training needs and also provide for a little 'put and take' hunting over a young learning pup. After doing some reading appears the most successful method and getting the most realistic experience for Ruby would be to try and 'soft release' birds before the season which has one of the lowest survival ratings as plus use johnny houses for my specific training purposes. As very novice aspiring upland hunters it seems like the perfect place to learn the quail ropes for all involved.

If you had this opportunity what would your first order of business be to be ready to have some flight conditioned birds for this fall?

Here is overview of the property. The red lines are over-laid on places that I thought would be planted in strips in milo and sorghum. I was reading somewhere that you want a 3 yr cycle of rest/disturbance/planting. The fields have basically been unused for several years, and are surrounded by various mesquite and oak patches, along with a 4 acre tank. Here some some pics to show relative thickness. I know the habitat supports quail because we have seen them in the past on trail cams, and heard some this past weekend.

Also any recommendations on releasing the quail.  I was told on several forums that johnny houses aren't worth the time and expense, that I would be better off in just releasing quail a couple hrs before my hunt.