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Title: BW hen attacking another hen
Post by: CrystalinNC on April 17, 2013, 08:45:12 AM
I purchased four quail around 6 months ago.  Three hens and a male.  They are currently housed in my aviary with my cockatiels.  Their purpose is to keep the aviary floor clean, and lay fresh eggs for cockatiel consumption during breeding season.  (I know not mainstream, but it works.  :grin:).

Anyway, yesterday, I noticed one of the hens sitting in the food dish on a higher perch.  Nothing unusual about that upfront, but she didn't want to move.  I thought maybe she was laying an egg so I gently put her on the aviary floor.  Immediately, one of the other hens (that has been with her since hatching) started attacking her.  Ripping out her neck feathers and chasing her around the aviary.  I moved between them, but the attacking hen was relentless.  The poor non aggressive hen assumed a very submissive pose, lowering her head to the ground and cowering.   

I've checked on them several times, and the same behavior is being noted.  As long as the mild mannered hen is up on a higher perch...she's fine.  But if she ventures to the bottom, she's attacked.  Last night, the poor girl was on the higher perch alone, while the other three huddled on the ground together.  Poor girl, she used to be allowed to huddle with them. 

I should add that there have been eggs laid approx every other day for the past month, so maybe this is brooding behavior?  I'm not sure...but I'm actually a little afraid that she is going to kill the poor girl.