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Title: Grit and Calcium options and substitutes for quails
Post by: mimpetlover19 on October 31, 2014, 10:43:35 AM
I have some Quails which I have been keeping for 2 months ... they are fine Alhamdulillah and growing well , except dat they arent laying any eggs yet .....
i had raised chickens (totally inside my house) and pigeons (in my balcony) during my school years wen I was in Qatar ... and I had always faced the problem of providing grit and proper calcium ... although all of them seemed to do fine without dem
But i still i want to provide them with proper grit and calcium
Here in Bangladesh ,  my grandmother (and many people around us ) keep free-range chickens and ducks ... they eat watever dey want , roam around freely and grow and reproduce just fine (here we live in a  building with a large  space around us , a pond , separate place for the animals and lots of trees, in Qatar we lived in a small rented flat) . they are fed with boiled rice (the left overs ) and another feed , i  guess powdered husks of rice (we call it bhushi) mixed with the rice and water.
But for my quails , i hav to keep them indoors (cant really open dem up or they will fly away) , only sometimes i used to open dem up in my caged garden ... so i have pretty much provide everything to dem myself
For the grit , we dont really hav any like the ones i read on the internet , all that we hav are pieces of granite , cement and bricks , no much real stones or gravel .,
and as for calcium , all i can give them is crushed egg shells ,  i cant get oyster shells or supplementary calcium feed ... we do hav lots of apple snails in our ponds
So wat should I do ... or will they be just fine ....
wat other safe grit options are dere ?
how can i supplement dem with calcium properly ?? wat greens are rich in calcium and good for quails ??