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Title: Looking for Bobwhite Quail Eggs
Post by: GamebirdsSC on July 03, 2014, 02:06:36 PM
 s85  I got bushwhacked this year and my normal supplier for eggs is sold out for the season.  Does anyone have / know where I can get 5-10,000 eggs over the next several months?  I would like to order them in 1000-1300 egg increments and as soon as I have a commitment for the chicks/birds I would like to get more on the way.  I can only hatch 1300+ at a time, but have brooders / flight pens for several thousand depending on size.  I am located in SC if that makes a difference.  Ideally, someone in driving distance would have some available.  Please email if you have any info that may be a help.