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Title: My quail are obese!
Post by: Theaver on February 15, 2014, 01:55:30 AM
I have always given my quail a full feeder and never had a problem before but I killed 8 yesterday and found these ones had fat in places I didn't know a bird could pack it on!

They get 21% game bird starter.

7 were held back from yesterdays cull in the hopes of getting some eggs, they were all the biggest ones but, perhaps because of the fat issue, there were no visible sex organs to be seen.

Five of the flock were jumbo browns and the rest were Texas A & M.  The TA&Ms are now over 4 months old and the browns are close to 2 years old but, when processed, they non of htem had eggy bits inside.

Have kept a hen and roo from the Browns and five TA&Ms but what now?  Can they be thinned down and they lay again or should I just give up and eat them and start again with new quail?

And, if I try thinning them down, how much food to give to 7 quail per day?