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Title: Ford Service Department
Post by: Reeves on December 29, 2012, 07:39:35 AM
Henry Ford's Service Department!!

In 1931, Ford employed an ex-boxer and "tough guy" named Harry Bennett to head up his security division or Service Department as it was euphemistically called.

Eventually Bennett had the largest private army of thugs, hoodlums and ex-convicts in the world. Ford deferred to him in EVERYTHING. He ran the Ford Motor Company with an iron fist. Hitler's Gestapo was modeled after the Ford Service Department, with its army of ruffians and thugs.

"Tough guy" Harry Bennett (1892-1979) ran the Ford Motor Co., from about 1930 to 1947.

"Tough guy" Harry Bennett (1892-1979) ran the Ford Motor Co., from about 1930 to 1947.

Adolf Hitler was a great admirer of Henry Ford and he modeled the Gestapo after the Ford Service Department.

This "tough guy" ran the Ford Motor Company from 1930 to the death of Ford in 1947. He TERRORIZED everybody, except old man Ford himself. He had links to all the underworld figures in Detroit.

Hitler greatly admired and copied everything that Ford did. This is where he got the idea for his own private army called the Gestapo, with Himmler taking the place of Bennett.

Bennett liked boxers and wrestlers as well as college athletes, and many of them, particularly the big tough ones, ended up on the payroll. Ford had long shown an interest in the redemption of ex-convicts, and had given many of them a second chance. Bennett continued the policy, with adaptations. He encouraged the thugs and hoodlums to continue their line of work in the plant. He also sought out tough cops and hired them. With this material he built up a small army of goons who kept the workers under complete control. Anyone doing anything naughty, like talking union, was beaten to a pulp and fired for starting a fight. (Herndon, Ford: An Unconventional Biography of the Men and their Times, p.163).
Title: Re: Ford Service Department
Post by: CharlieHorse on February 15, 2013, 12:01:48 AM
The public school system tends not to tell people the truth about these so-called "heroes". They always leave out the part of who and how many people like Henry Ford crushed and destroyed on their way to the billionaire club door.     thk1