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Title: Montana News
Post by: kingwolf on March 25, 2009, 09:54:35 PM
Check this out i found an article published in Montana that pays farmers to benefit wild gamebirds . . .

Upland Game Bird Habitat Enhancement

Landowners can reap the rewards of a cost-sharing program when they improve their land and make it more inviting for Montana's upland game birds.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks can work directly with landowners—and other individuals, groups and organizations—to improve private and public lands for Montana's native sharp-tailed grouse, sage grouse, and mountain grouse, as well as the state's adopted game birds—ring-necked pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, and wild turkeys.

Landowners can apply to enroll in the updated cost-share program to develop, enhance, and conserve Montana's upland game bird habitats if the land in the project area remains open to reasonable public hunting. Up to 75 percent of the cost of the Landowner's Upland Game Bird Habitat Enhancement project can be reimbursed.

Need help determining if your land can be enhanced for upland game birds?
Projects eligible for funding under the Upland Game Bird Habitat Enhancement Program should comprise at least 100 contiguous acres of land, with some exceptions. Your FWP wildlife biologist will help you determine if your land can be improved to offer upland game birds better:

Winter cover
Food plots
Nesting cover
Habitat components, including range management, conservation easements—and wetland restoration, for the benefit of upland game bird populations.

Wondering how to get all this done?
After you and FWP agree on how and where improvements can be made, your FWP wildlife biologists will:

Help you prepare management plans.
Lend a hand in your efforts to establish suitable nesting cover, winter cover, or feeding areas through cost-sharing leases, or conservation easements.
For more information call your nearest FWP office or download an on-line application form.
Hunting preserves, lands that host a commercial hunting enterprise, and lands where hunting rights are leased or paid for are not eligible.