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Title: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: Enbawe Cortunix Quail on March 08, 2009, 12:40:25 PM
I'm hearing alot of good things about them, and this will be the first time I buy eggs from some place other then Ebay.   And I was looking at the eggs and their was Jumbo Brown Cortunix and Pharoah XLD1 Quail, which is bigger I think there was a topic about this before but I don't think my question was answered in it.

Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: wildergamebirds on March 08, 2009, 01:32:39 PM

  If that was the thread I remember, I believe your question was answered.  There was also a lot of "give and take" in addition, so the answer may have been hard to find, without real close reading.

  The Jumbo Brown should be considerable larger than the XDL1, but probably not as much as their picture indicates.  Some have bought the XDL1 and thought they were no bigger than normal Coturnix.  I had Jumbo Browns (from a different supplier), that were right at a pound, but it took longer than 8 weeks, on very good feed.  I hatched a few of their eggs, and those birds also reach about the same size.

  I've heard about as many bad reports about them as good.  Many of the bad comments haven't been terrible.  Just things like dissapointment in the size of the birds, once grown.  I believe they are a bird broker (at least for their Bobwhites).  That means they don't have a lot of control over what's shipped in their name.  I think over all, they are pretty good.  See if you can find Topisaw, maybe Topisaw Creek, I think they have the Jumbo Brown.

  I will bet one thing.  Over all, folks will be much better satisfied with them, than eggs off ebay.  I know there are some folks, here,  that sell on ebay (maybe one will pop up and say "I got some").  I bought chicks from some folks who also sell on ebay.  They are not "ebay sellers", they are folks who sell part of their products on ebay.  I know there also have been some, who sold Coturnix eggs as Valley Quail eggs.

  Caveat emptor may be good advice, but it can be hard to accomplish over the internet.
Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: makesmiles on March 08, 2009, 10:22:34 PM

I have had experience with all three egg suppliers mentioned above.  Last year I bought from Topisaw Creek Quail Farms in Mississippi and just purchased again last weekend.  (They have a website.) They are close enough to me that I just drive over and pickup. And, yes, they do sell the Jumbo Browns.  The batch that I bought from them last year was not great.  I bought 120 eggs and set 115.  The eggs were not very clean (poop).  They don't use roll off cages.  The eggs also weren't culled the way I would do it.  Some odd shapes, not oblong, off color, and 2 paper shells.  I only had 63 hatch.  This year, I mentioned the problem from last year before I bought and the eggs were better.  They still weren't culled properly.  But, I guess you git whachu git.  The lady there (I think her name is Donna) was pretty startled at my comments, but facts are facts.  They come off the bator on Monday, March 16.  I would recommend buying from her.  Just make sure you tell her what you expect.  These people don't have a lot of experience at this yet and I think that is part of the problem.  She pickles eggs to sell, she just needs to learn to pickle the culls and sell the best hatching eggs.

Lake Cumberland is a different story.  There communication sucks big time. I tried off and on for almost a year to call and email with questions but could never get a response or answer.  About a month ago, I finally got someone on the phone.  I had a 2 week window to receive eggs and asked her if they could do it.  (I was going in the hospital). She said yes, but they didn't come through.  I called back several times until I got through the last time only to find out that they didn't ship.  I asked if I could cancel the order and she said that I could so I did.  Two weeks passed and no money returned and all of a sudden, eggs show up.  This was last Thursday.  I have both incubators full with eggs coming off one today, Sunday, and I have to leave town on business for a week tomorrow.  I will be up late tonight cleaning the bator and loading eggs.  BTW, the lady also told me that they do not answer emails.  Lake Cumberland has seen my last order.  Got me once, won't get me twice.  They are just too undependable for me, especially with poor communications.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I ordered 20 button quail eggs off ebay from a dealer in Amite, LA (not far from me).  They arrived quickly, well packaged and none broken.  I set all 20 and 16 of them hatched today...all seem to be healthy.  I was pleased with the transaction.  His user name is razzle-dazzle_444.  They also sell Coturnix eggs on ebay.

Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: Enbawe Cortunix Quail on March 11, 2009, 10:42:35 PM
Forgot to say  thank you, thank you.
Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: Little Bear Game Farm on April 23, 2009, 07:44:11 AM
Is Lake Cumberland still in business?

I have not had very good luck with them this year.  Last year they were great to work with and I was very pleased with their birds.  I know they expanded this year into the supplies market more, but their core services has declined.

In Feb, I called and talked to someone and they told me they did not artificially light their chukars and would not have eggs available to mid march or later.  Any orders I placed would be preorders.  So I placed an order in the beginning of Feb and asked that I be phoned prior to shipment to alert me they were coming and to verify that weather in WI would be suitable for shipping.  No phone call and eggs showed up Feb 13th, with an outdoor temp of 35 degrees.  I incubated the eggs and had 11 hatch out of 100 (no 5% extra), 2 eggs had partially formed chicks, and the other 87 did not even have a blood spot in them.  Should all fertile eggs have at least a blood spot if they were fertile at one time?

So, I ordered another 200 eggs in March and they said there would be a wait now.  I called them end of March and we scheduled a shipping date of April 13th and weather in WI was going to be perfect.  Well, no eggs last week, no eggs this week, and nothing but fax machine and voice mail when I call.  Now, we are pushing end of August before birds will be mature for sale.  I am hoping to start a little side business and had some prospective customers lined up and told them beginning of Aug for training birds. 

This is not a personal bash on Lake Cumberland, the people I have dealt with there have been very polite and helpful.  I just think they may have expanded too fast and need an adjusting period.  Unfortunately, its at the expense of customers.

Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, shame on me.... Chances are, I'll be fooled a third time in the future...
Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: CharlieHorse on April 23, 2009, 08:00:24 AM

I also have always had good service with them in the past, but haven't had any dealings with them this year.

Too bad there isn't something that they could call the internet. It could be used to put information about your company on these things called "websites". Like when eggs are available and things like that.   I bet that would be too hard though?  They could even maybe use some sort of mail.....maybe call it "email"?   ^-^

I hope you get things straightened out soon, I feel your pain as I have been totally ignored by an egg supplier in the past and it really fires me up when they won't answer emails, etc.

Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: jgalo on April 23, 2009, 02:35:53 PM
I have been calling them for 3 days and can't anyone to answer.  Trying to cancell an order of Valleys.
Had contracted 3 shipments, one every 4 weeks.  First batch I culled 310 out of 400.  Second batch came a week later and I had to get a friend to take them.  His luck was the same and the 3rd batch is ine incubator now and I have already culled 200.  Just wasting money with those people.
Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: skyles creek on April 23, 2009, 08:09:22 PM
I have also tried to deal with them but can never get anyone to answer phone, return calls, or return emails. I guess they don't want my business. If you are looking for Chukar or Bobwhites there is a great place in Pennsylvania. It is called Wolfe's Gamebirds. There number 814-849-3430, give them a try.
Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: makesmiles on April 24, 2009, 11:07:14 AM
I have had the same run around from these people (see my post above).  I will not order from them again. 

BTW,  that "website" and "email" thing is a great idea.  Did you make that up all by yourself?

Thanks David
Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: rutrobubba on April 24, 2009, 11:53:16 AM
I may be mistaken, but I thought AL GORE already invented the internet and email
Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: Vrex on April 24, 2009, 12:35:42 PM
Little Bear,

I had the same problem with them, I had called several times did get through a couple of times and requested ship dates.  They showed up unannounced.  I candled them beginning of the week, out of 200 chucker eggs 90 fertiel, out of 100 valleys 60 fertile and out of 1000 Bws 990 fertile.  Like you I received no extras.  Last years order was great.  I will not stop using, however I will only order Bws.

Title: Re: Lake Cumberland?
Post by: Little Bear Game Farm on April 27, 2009, 07:47:41 AM
Eggs showed up friday night, which was a little odd being they ship Mon and Tues.  They did give me extras because of my terrible first hatch.  Hoping to have better luck this time.