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Title: Do I need a floor in my flight pen??
Post by: springview on December 18, 2008, 07:52:46 AM
 c181 c53  I want to build a flight pen for 100-200 BW,is it nesscesary to build a floor.Can I clean the area weekly.I have a fenced yard good rodent prevention,and when cleaning,whats the best and healthiest method for me and my birds.Do I also need a housed area for protection or just sun and rain tarps for top and sides.Thank you..Will the quail lay eggs while in the flight pen and how often should I disturb them by collecting those eggs.?I am new to the site and have read almost every topic,just trying to put bits and pieces together.
Title: Re: Do I need a floor in my flight pen??
Post by: CharlieHorse on December 18, 2008, 09:17:21 AM
I will definitely go with a 1/2" wire floor when and if I build a new pen. Turning dirt over in a pen will get very old, very fast.  A wire floor is by far the healthiest, practically no cleaning.

A wire floored pen would more than likely need somewhere for them to covey up for warmth. Even some straw thrown on the wire floor in a area (maybe 2 areas) big enough to accomadate all the birds may work for someplace for them to hang out and stop the air flow from below. Any sort of shelter made of anything will work. They don't care what it looks like.

They'll lay eggs anywhere. I collect eggs once a day.

Did you look here?:

 s016.............and good luck!
Title: Re: Do I need a floor in my flight pen??
Post by: greyghost on December 20, 2008, 01:13:44 AM
Hi Springview, this will be the second time we have "met"  I am not sure Charliehorse read your question real well. No offense Charlie. If you are building a fight pen it will, more than likely be on the ground. Therefore, you do not need a floor.
 Cleaning the area is not a big concern if the pen is large enough to hold that many birds.
Mine is 24 X 18, with a 6ft/ 1 inch mesh top. Use 1 inch mesh netting; younger birds will fly right through 2 inch. ( I hatched and raised 300 XLD1's last season.)
 Giving the birds the option of shelter is a good idea, branches from evergreens, the top of an old dog kennel,or a tarp are all fine. I throw straw to my Pheasant breeder stock, it keeps them warm and they enjoy scratching and kicking it around.
Lastly, collect eggs daily, just like Charliehorse said. You want eggs as fresh as possible.
Oh, and s016, the Ghost.