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Title: releasing quail
Post by: sham on August 05, 2008, 04:31:34 AM
So what are the laws with raising and releasing quail on my own property?  Honestly I just like the idea of raising and especially hatching a few out every year.  Am I right that you do not require a permit to have the quail so long as they are for your personal use and you are not selling them? 

Other option is there any where in eastern iowa I could get them processed for meat without it costing an excessive amount?  I actually could use the meat but I don't really want to do it myself.
Title: Re: releasing quail
Post by: slider on August 05, 2008, 10:57:52 AM
go fine you a school age kid and pay him or her 6 or 7 bucks an hour show them how you want the quail dressed and there you go...
Title: Re: releasing quail
Post by: mobe_45 on August 05, 2008, 11:27:27 PM
Iowa DNR contact:
This is the place to send an email asking for all the rules regarding raising and releasing quail as well as other wild game.
In short you can raise wild game for personal consumption, showing at fairs etc. and dog training without a permit. The dog training includes releasing to shoot for retrieval. Kind of grey area as to whether these birds need tagged in case you miss the shot, should write first for clarification.
to raise for sale of either eggs or birds you need a permit. not hard to get.
Releasing as coveys for restocking or on a private game ranch I don't know the rules for. Definitely write to the DNR for your intended purpose.
Most times they reply within a few days. During hunting season it takes up to two weeks.