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Title: Ohio law and Pigeons?
Post by: Bobwhite quail24 on November 02, 2007, 08:03:38 PM
Those of you who live in ohio can you anwser a few questions of mine. First of all I would like to raise pigeons just for fun. mostly because I would like to try to do some of the messenger stuff, just for something to do. First of all, I looked at the link in the Laws section but it didn't really anwser what i needed. Is it legal to live trap and propergate wild pigeons? Second of all Do I need a permit to propergate them? It said game birds but pigeons
were not classified underneath the term game birds. It did say this though

European starlings, English Sparrows and Common pigeons, other than homing pigeons, may be killed at any time, except Sunday, and their nests or eggs may be destroyed at any time.

One other question what is the difference between common pigeons and homing pigeons? Last but not least thank you for your time
Title: Re: Ohio law and Pigeons?
Post by: Gunner63 on November 02, 2007, 09:49:52 PM
I used to race homers.  Try here,   depending on where you are located there should be a link on there to find a local club.  Its a blast, I had to give it up because I moved over 100 miles from my club, which raced every saturday from spring till fall.  Homers take a lot of patience and a lot of training, which translates into a lot of gas money as you have to take the birds out starting at a mile all the way out to 100 miles to train for races a couple times a week.  Older birds can fly 500 miles in a day.  I havent got any right now, but if you ask around, someone is always willing to help a beginner.