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Title: Trailbossusa
Post by: Pheasant Hollow Farm on June 19, 2007, 09:01:02 AM
How's the coon situation by you?? I have caught 7 coons and 2 possums so far and relocated them within my county 10 miles away. I have never seen coons and possums here on my property since last year.

These guys are averaging 35 to 40 lbs and quite healthy to boot!!. I have to rebuild the Hava-heart-traps every day and add new modifications.

Two nights ago, at 3am, I checked the trap in the barn and saw either a coyote or a fox run out the back door.. these predators' are getting quite brazen lately.

Raining here right now, so the relocation will have to wait a while. Another trip to Lowe's...

Edited to add: So far I have been lucky, they haven't bothered the birds. They just insist on digging up my sons grave... I can't figure out why they keep doing this.. Any Ideas???

Pheasant Hollow Farm
Title: Re: Trailbossusa
Post by: CharlieHorse on June 19, 2007, 10:23:57 AM
Hey Steve,

  No more problems here. I caught that one and haven't seen any more near my property. I keep my fingers crossed. Although I talk to people everyday who are having coon problems. They are dead all over the roads.  Now I've got a snake hanging around, hasn't bothered the birds yet, I'll have to take care of him too when he shows his hide again! At least your birds haven't gotten bothered.........yet! I'm starting to have slim pickin's around here with my birds, that coon didn't get 3.......he got 5. Then while feeding my original male (almost 4 years) and his mate the other day, the rascal got past me and down through the valley he went, haven't seen him since. He was the last of my original flock and my only unrelated breeder!! Now I don't have any male breeding stock until next spring.  Less that I have to deal with I guess?   :laugh:

  Not sure what your problem might be.  Have you been watering the site?  If you are, the water may be attracting them since it has been so dry. Or maybe there is some sort of mineral in the soil that you have around there that they are after, and the loosened soil makes it easier to smell and dig up? Have you tried putting some moth balls around to foul up their noses?  Just a couple ideas.

 We're suppose to get some rain here sometime today, mainly this afternoon/evening. I haven't had but a few drops on my place since April. June is usually dry, but we didn't get any May rain...........and that hurts! Those wild critters need some water to keep them away from the ranch!
Title: Re: Trailbossusa
Post by: Pheasant Hollow Farm on June 19, 2007, 11:47:51 AM
I have flowers around my son's grave and there is a pond no more then 15 feet. I'll keep trapping them in the mean time since I am getting at least one per day. I had a double when I checked the traps this morning.

Once the coons' stop coming around, I remove the traps, and I will try the moth balls.

I really don't care if they are around, It just gets to be a pain in the arse covering up my sons grave every morning.

I am still trying to catch either the fox or the coyote that I see running through the barn.

Rain lasted here 10 minutes with some thunder. Not much as far a water. Now the temp went from 78* to 90* with the 3 "H" Hazy Hot and Humid in less then 3 hours.

Well Chuck, I catch up with ya later..

Have a nice day!

Pheasant Hollow Farm
Title: Re: Trailbossusa
Post by: Pheasant Hollow Farm on June 24, 2007, 09:14:13 AM

Up to 8 coons and this one must have just finished nursing. So I guess it won't be long until the little ones start to arrive.

I also caught a feral cat in the barn in one of the traps. Let me tell ya, this cat was one nasty animal. When I went to transport the trap, it hissed and growled like I have never seen a cat do before. It had jumped in the trap and it knocked the trap out of my hand.

Some light rain over night and early this morning. Nothing much to talk about. How about you?

Have a nice Sunday!

Pheasant Hollow Farm

Title: Re: Trailbossusa
Post by: CharlieHorse on June 24, 2007, 09:31:36 AM
   We've got baby coons running all over here, there have been so many reports of coon problems, I think that their parents are getting killed off.

   Got about 1-2" of rain tuesday eve within an hour. Very welcomed, but too much, too fast. Some drizzle through the night and this morning. Farm crops aren't looking the best, I don't know if "knee high by 4th of July" is going to make it this year?

    Speaking of feral cats. I worked at a plumbing, electrical distributor many years ago that had a Poultry Restuarant attached to the building with several wild cats living in and around the pipe and such stocked outside. A co-worker was determined to catch one of them, it was hilarious to watch him set up traps using boxes, sticks, strings and all sorts of contraptions.......none of which worked as far as holding them once caught.  He finally got a steel live trap. One day, he finally caught was the biggest, meanest cat or animal I had ever wanted a piece of us!!  I asked him what he was going to do with it, he said he was taking it home to tame it!!  I told him that he was crazy and that wasn't even possible, that it would tear his head off.  Next day he said that when he got home, he went in to eat supper and came back out to deal with the cat in the bed of his truck and it was gone.  It had ripped a hole through the side of that steel cage and disappeared!!         .............and he was going to tame it!!