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Title: Lake cumberland game bird farms: Thanks Guys
Post by: Hinkjc on March 24, 2005, 08:46:04 PM
Well, just wanted to say we just hatched out 43 of 55 jumbo Bobwhites from  Lake cumberland game bird farms. About 80% hatch rate.

 Our temp was set and ran between 99.5 to 100.2. The humidity was 54% to 58% and the last 3 days we got it up to about 72% to 74%.

This was useing a GQF Picture window incubator. A true value taylor digital therm/w humidity scale.

The eggs that didnt hatch: 8 no sign of growth when candled the first 10 days. The rest passed on(died) towards the end. 1 chick was culled do to it not being able to walk.

Wanted to say thanks to Lake Cumberland for makeing this incubation so much fun.

Thanks again guys