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Title: Forum Activity
Post by: rick54 on June 12, 2015, 06:09:02 AM
I'm new to the art of raising quail as well as being the latest new member to this forum. I've stumbled onto this Supplier Feedback section and have to say as a new quail enthusiast, I find this section very valuable. Although I'm disappointed in the fact that it seems to be extremely inactive with a lot of the latest posts going back several years or more.

Can someone explain the reason for such inactivity on this forum? I do have to say that the verification process just to get a comment / question posted seems excessive.

Anyway, it seems a shame that the Supplier Feedback is not more up to date, as that is truly valuable to us beginners.
Title: Re: Forum Activity
Post by: Pheasant Hollow Farm on June 13, 2015, 04:39:52 AM
Don't know what to tell ya besides  s016 to the forums. Loads of info on here over the years. If ya can't find it in the search feature ask the question and someone or myself will try to help you out.

As far as the supplier feedback section, that is up to the individual who has the problem with the seller. I would advise if you are looking to buy anything gamebird related to first check out that seller with their state DNR to make sure that they are licensed. If you are buying in-state do the same.

Most states require a State Game bird license from you DNR and some states require a state business license before a state game bird license is issued. This is one requirement of my state of WV.

Be aware of Importation Permit requirements as well. Most states if not all require N.P.I.P/AI certificates from your supplier showing that the birds and eggs are clean. Just remember that these certificates are not transferable to a third party. Most states will honor the certificate up to 30 days upon recieving shipment. So if you are expecting your birds or eggs make sure you get them within the alotted time frame.

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