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Title: Forum Issues
Post by: RedOakGamebirds on December 03, 2007, 10:57:35 PM
I made a few changes to the forum over the past couple weeks trying to get rid of some "bugs" and made some unwanted changes in the process.  As of now I think I may have the pop up taken care of.  I've received lots of member requests about smileys, etc. to be added.  I added an assortment of smileys in the topics box and within the next day or two I hope to have an additional 50-60 added to it.  I've also added a news box to the top of the page that scrolls news text so all of our visitors can be up to date on happenings on the site.  Also this can be used as a member announcement such as birthdays, upcoming events, etc.  Message or email me for the time being if you have something you would like to add.  A chat bar will follow shortly as well for those that wish to have online chat.  We also now have the ability to enable voice chat on our server.  If I have enough people interested I will proceed in adding this function.  I apologize for not monitoring this site on a more frequent basis as in the past.  I've been extremely busy trying to add yet another "side job" to my list as if i'm not busy enough.  I decided to take over my brothers' taxidermy business since his death in July.  Some of you have emailed me the past couple days pertaining to other business on this forum and I will respond to you very shortly.  Also if anyone is still having any issues on the site please let me know.  Thanks again for your continued support and keep in mind that TQP would not be possible if it wasnt for YOU....