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Title: Bird cgae for training
Post by: Brittanyguy on August 27, 2009, 10:47:32 PM
I'm very very new to using quail for dog training.  Last night I was with a group and they each had a small pen they used to transport quail to the field.  Most of them had innertubes stapled over an opening to get the birds in and out.  The rest of the cage appeared to be made from 1x2 with a cookie sheet under it that slid out for cleaning. The sides, top and bottom were what appeared to be 1/2" wire mech.  They had about a dozen birds in each and my guess is they were 12"x18"x6" or there abouts. I'm assuming  height dimension is the most critical so the birds don't injury themsleves trying to fly.

What are these boxes actaully called and do plans exist for a do it yourslef to build one?
Title: Re: Bird cgae for training
Post by: Little Bear Game Farm on August 28, 2009, 08:20:59 AM
Probably just called something like transfer cages.  Sounds like you got a pretty good idea on how to build them, I would just go off of what you saw and build from there.  Inner tube is good idea, and then maybe have a hard cover to cover that part when actually transferring them so they don't figure out how to get out of the tube.
Title: Re: Bird cgae for training
Post by: fstxrico on September 03, 2009, 07:15:25 PM
I've seen them called transport, or carry cages, and it seems like lion country supply carries them, but the ones you've seen sound quite nice to me. 5 or 6 inches tall is about right and I believe you're right about the height being critical. And if you are training within a reasonable time from home, 12X18 should be good for about 2 dozen grown birds without problem