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Title: Millers Game Birds
Post by: Jeff on June 08, 2010, 12:58:19 AM
Hi all,

I purchased 100 bob white quail eggs from Millers and could not be happier with the transaction.  I took my two daughters with me and the man and wife were very informative and polite.  They gave my kids a mini tour of their hatchery and were very good to them.  Mr. Miller inspected the eggs very carefully, then had his wife inspect them.  He then asked us to inspect them, my oldest found 2 cracked out of 100.

I was very impressed with them.  They have a very impressive setup for little 'ol Hennessey Oklahoma.  My next purchase will be from them, they are very nice people and gave me an extra 15 eggs.  I was very happy when they charged me less, very much less, per egg than they have advertised on their site.  Very nice people and a pleasure to deal with.

Title: Re: Millers Game Birds
Post by: pringle on November 24, 2010, 11:21:26 AM
Isnt it nice when you deal with good people?